1. Extraction of benefits from physical activity
  2. Connecting business to the world of crypto-currency transactions
  3. Ensuring high market demand for Staps token
White Paper

The project gives the world its token - Steps Token Bonus (STB) - a token that will be a reward for those who walk, which can be exchanged for a discount or bonus at the business. On the other hand, the business will have a unique opportunity to notify for the same STB tokens about their bonuses and services to people who are motivated to spend it. The result of the project will be a unique system that will make healthier its users and allow them to benefit from this, and for business to attract people motivated to their services and goods. The project creates an entire ecosystem in which there are no restrictions on the participation of people and business in it, which in the future will provoke a long growth in the need for STB token - which is extremely attractive for investors in this token. When millions of people become miners, just being on the move, this will give a new impetus to the industry of crypto-currency in the form of new users and their savings, and hence a huge profit increase for early investors in the project! This process is called "Staping" - the tokenization of physical activity, and the platform that will do this is the Staps Platform.

Token Issuer - 3PK8cri2weaqo6p5vg7iqKYPUW9cooKWte1. ID - 8QXBdJaqWtFzBmDSf6PighdSk9WwuvM257qjCmKS37jq. Name - STAPS.
Type - Not reissuable. Issue date - 01.01.2018 01:01. Description - Steps Token Bonus STB.


Download the application 'I'm going'. Walk as much as possible, get Staps tokens. Change Staps for bonuses and discounts


Take Staps in return for bonuses and discounts. Inform about your bonuses and the discounts of new customers for STB tokens. Expand your business with the Staps Platform.


Buy Staps tokens on PRE-ICO and ICO. Get the maximum profit from the expansion of the Staps network.

Users of 'I'm going' are already waiting for a Staps:
5000000 STB

public pre-sale

55000000 STB

sale on ICO

Distribution of tokens

Total tokens - 1 000 000 000. Name of the token - STAPS. An abbreviation of a token - STB. Based on - WAVES.

  • Pre ICO - 0.5% 5 000 000 tokens

  • ICO - 5.5% 55 000 000 tokens

  • Bounty - 0.25% 2 500 000 tokens

  • Bonuses for miners - 1% 10 000 000 tokens

  • Partners - 0.25% 2 500 000 tokens

  • Team - 1.5% 15 000 000 tokens

  • Reserve - 1% 10 000 000 tokens

  • Mining - 90% 900 000 000 tokens

Road map

Q3 2016

The beginning of the creation of the team and the development of the original idea.

Q1 2017

Creating an alpha version of the application and internal testing.

Q2 2017

Beta version: working out the charging and exchange of coins between users.

Q3 2017

Debugging the application and preparing for the ICO.

Q4 2017

Forming a team, creating White Paper.

Q1 2018

The start and completion of the crowd-raising campaign, the release of the STB token on the stock exchange.

Q2 2018

Ecosystem development, zero emissions for early users.

Q3 2018

Beta version of the platform, functional for business.

Q4 2018

> 10 million users, the implementation of the main components of the platform.


Sergey Svobodin

Ideologist, enthusiast of blockchain and walking, businessman and an investor.

Milovidov Mikhail

Ideologist, software developer, experience in highload server and web services development. He is engaged in the integration of crypto currency into the project.

Sergey Rodionov

Investor, enthusiast of blockchain technologies, expert in financial planning

Sergey Kolibaba

Software developer. Works on creation of high-performance server solutions and web-services. He has experience in creating mobile applications. He is engaged with the technical part and architecture of the software in the project.

Timothy Voronkov

Software developer, ruby/rails developer. In the project, he is creating web applications.

Evgenia Miller

Project Manager. Participation, promotion and regulation in large projects. In the project I am responsible for the Bounty Company.

Vitaly Davidovsky

Lawyer in the field of finance, crediting and "Blockchain" technology . I provide multi-level support in the project for legal issues.

Elena Krasilnikova

SMM, an expert on social networks, the founder of center for ssm-specialists. In the project, she is responsible to promotion

Vadim Kharkovets

SMM, an expert on social networks. In the project, he is responsible to promotion

Denis Agapitov

Designer, businessman, specialist in PR and advertising. In the project, he is responsible in visual design